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Beginners & Foundation

English for those who know a few words and use them mostly correctly but are unable to make sentences or communicate their ideas fully in English.


This course is designed to widen our Learners ability to communicate with others in English and give them confidence to do so.  It will give you the ability to be able to put together simple sentences and phrases to help in your everyday life.  Students tend to start in the beginners course at the beginning of the year and as they progress, then they tend to move into the Elementary class.


You may be required to undergo a placement test to ensure that this is the correct level for you.  


In order to provide the best program each term for all our ESOL classes and changes to Student Demand, we may change advertised course times.  All students enrolled will be notified of these changes.


For those that are a NZ Citizen or Resident, this course has been discounted for you provided you can commit to attending 80% of the course.  If you are unable to attend 80% due to work or other commitments, then you will be charged the portion of the non resident rate that you can attend.


If you have made payments to NZ Immigration as part of your visa application, we are able to cover your course cost by accessing these funds on your behalf.


An ability to understand simple phrases or have completed the Foundation course.

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