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Prabha Patel

Prabha Patel resized photI am Prabha Patel and live in Auckland City in New Zealand. I am going to share a little about me because you would love to connect with me but, before we go ahead I would like to share meaning of my name PRABHA is LIGHT, RADIANCE, SPLENDOUR, POWER OF DURGA GODDESS, an APSARA (means BEAUTIFUL WOMEN).My purpose in life is to share my light and love with other beings on this planet.

I am a simple, loving, compassionate, kind, wise, caring, and fun being who loves life and mother earth. I am very grateful for my MUM AND DAD who has given me opportunity to arrive on this beautiful planet and able to experience and most adventures, beautiful, colourful journey of life. I have learnt many lessons through out my life for example: when I was little girl I had that burning desire to share unconditional love, freedom, unity but did not know how to do it because being a Indian girl there was lots of limitation, cultural belief was not possible……..first lesson was I have never gave up my dream…..I followed my heart and journey….I kept going ahead and enjoyed life as it is whatever life has to offer. Guess what? Had lots of challenges, still being a bravo moving forward with smiles. I have being an awesome daughter who had arranged marriage when I was 17th year old, came to New Zealand 1987 from India. By 18 year of age I have given birth to beautiful daughter PRISCILLA and got busy being mum and wife. I have left being a wife in 1993 and started pursuing on career because I had reason to be successful and become a capable person. I have been owned and managed two Indian Restaurants till 2008 , many occassion I was on NZ TV as actor, cooking or reality show. And same time I was being with my daughter and supporting her to become very powerful and responsible young women. I am very proud and grateful to have her in my life. My daughter is married and proudly say I am a super Grand Nana now .I love my Grand Daughter Malika Patel. I am very trustworthy friend and very talented cook. I cook with passion and love…yum yum yummy. I have made a one of choice to share love, Indian cultural, history, and experience through cooking classes. While I was going through hardship business life, I asked myself a question “What is my life purpose?”Why I am here for?” asking those question many times guess what you attract? My purpose to making difference, healing opportunity…..! I have done lots of personal development courses like Landmark Form, Avatar Master, Kurek Ashley…etc Vipassana Meditation, Bikram Yoga, Inner peace Movement,  Reconnective Healing, Relationshifting, Heartwaves…….  I can keep going…you can feel who I am? After letting go off my 15 years of Hospitality....Had a break and changed in my career since last 10 years I support and advocate for the rights,inclusion and welfare of all people with intellectual disability and support them to live satisfying lives in the community and also feed them with healthy, wealthy , wise food. So cooking is in my DNA. You will be discovering finest secret of traditional Indian cooking with me,step by step, learning about spices,recipes,lessons, cooking tips, home style cooking , best restaurant style cooking, lots of fun,laughs, smiles , interactive,creativity and much more ......Motto will be " FEEL IT,CREATE IT,LEARN IT,COOK IT,TASTE IT "

“Had a thought since I was little girl how could I make a difference in my and others life, being experienced my own life through my journey realised I am making a difference already serving best Indian Food in my Restaurant with love, Passion and Happiness. I have been passed on the knowledge of cooking Indian food from my mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, friends and chefs. I am grateful for each and everyone who has made a difference in my life.”- Prabha Patel


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